Coconut Benefits’ Intentions

Now, more and more evidence is being revealed to the world the absolutely essential need we have for coconut products, and the benefits its fruits have been giving humans for literally thousands of years, with zero ill effects. More and more research is being done, and more uses and benefits are being accepted by the scientific community as valid and effective.

In many cases, coconut products are proving to be even more effective than modern medicine at preventing, treating, or even alleviating a vast multitude of health-related problems.

We all know, or at least suspect, the big corporations with the help of the government tend to make decisions based on selfishness and fear of either loss of power or loss of wealth. Because food is so important to us, there are countless examples of this throughout the food industry.

We have been informed for decades of the dangers of ‘saturated fats’. They have been erroneously pegged with ‘trans-fats’, which actually are bad for your body and mind. While some saturated fats are indeed not good for you, this is not the case for all.It’s time to stop trusting the government and the corporate giants, who are only interested in lining their own pockets and protecting their places of power.

Find out for yourself what is truly good for you and your family.

As we build this site, not only will we endeavour to supply you with more and more evidence to this remarkable natural substance, but show you the why and how of what might very well be the healthiest food on the planet. As well, we will offer personal experiences as we continue our journey towards better health through utilizing these wondrous foods.

Remember: you are what you eat, so start eating what will help you, not kill you.

Sincerely here to help,


Michael B. (and the CoconutBenefits family)